Saturday, October 1, 2011

Southern Ontario Fingerstyle Guitar- Hamilton Guitar Association

     Some five years ago, I typed finger style guitar into a search engine because that was the type of playing I wanted to explore. Mostly because I was tired of replacing all my lost guitar picks. What  I found was the SOFGA,  a club dedicated to this guitar style and encourageing new people to learn by providing a non competative performance environment. They met right here in Hamilton, I knew that this was something I had to check out.

   What I found was a community of people enjoying each other's  music, company and friendship. And the amazing music!  Cutting edge acoustic, celtic, old blues , entire bands seems to leap from  guitars held by one person. No fake effects or back tape. Each meeting, one great player after the next would play. Then, one of them would take some time to show you thier style.

     This is where I found my guitar teacher and mentors and some realley good friends. Though I was just a beginner, these people seemed to have a genuine desire to hear my music. This encouragement was pivital, at a time when the rest of the world just wants you to forget the whole guitar thing . Some five years later, when it comes to music, I still don't have it all  together most of the time, but I've come a long way, mostly thanks to SOFGA.

Now , it's called the Hamilton Guitar Association but the goal and spirit are the same. That's why I'm happy to slug all the gear up the stairs at the Pheasent Plucker every other week, set up the mics and watch it all unfold.

Mark V



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